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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Lavalantula Full Movie Watch Online Dubbed Hindi - Action Movie - Hollywood Movie

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Sharknado. There isn’t much that I need say about it. Even if you haven’t seen it, you have more than likely heard of it or its 2 sequels. You may have even heard that a 4th film in the series is slated for next year (2016). It’s become a cash cow that you currently have no escape from. There are shirts, posters, comic book tie-ins, and toys all looking to cash in on the phenomena. The premieres are treated as news stories by the celebrity-obsessed propaganda machine, more focused on the cameo appearances than on the actual quality of the film. Who gives a shit that there are like 2 & 1/2 rhinos left in the world?  The Micro Machine Man just got chomped on by a fucking shark!!!

The original Sharknado lured its viewers based on its ludicrous idea. While the idea of hybridizing creatures had managed to produce a few chuckles (Sharktopus? Mermantula??), the films themselves were usually quite awful. It appeared that the novelty of casting washed-up and/or forgotten actors was just as important as the creature itself. Sharknado was no different. Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, and John Heard aren’t exactly marquee names these days, if they ever were.

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For the most part, the film sucked. Acting was sub-par, as was generally the case with films like these. The CG effects were also quite bad. You would think that more effort would have been put into making the sharks look more realistic, but such was not the case. However, the film’s biggest flaw was in making the viewer wait more than half the film’s runtime before kicking in the action sequences. If the selling point of your film is flying sharks, you had better bring them early and often.

Ratings wise, the film was a success. People tuned in to watch what promised to be some of the dumbest shit they’ve ever seen. And in those regards, it delivered. It was pretty damned dumb. It just wasn’t very good. Quality was never important. In no time, a sequel was green lit.

Compared to the original, the sequel was a massive improvement. The sharks are present from the opening scene, taking down an airplane piloted by Robert Hayes of Airplane fame. This clever cameo was just the first in a huge list of “celebrities” (using that term VERY loosely) that would show up, a gimmick that was blasted over the airwaves ad nausea by every entertainment “news” program out there. A gimmick that led to even larger numbers for its initial airing, and in turn spawned another sequel. (I’ve not seen the 3rd film yet, but the upcoming fourth film must mean that it performed well enough.)

And as long as something is popular or successful, there will always be someone looking to get in on the action. There are a long line of Italian directors that made a career out of cashing in on money-making American films. (Reference our review of Contamination). Hell, Roger Corman became a legend doing it. So, it comes as no surprise that SyFy has now chosen to rip themselves off with another flick revolving around more creatures spawned by a natural disaster, and hoping to capitalize on its own cache of once notable names. In this case, the surviving cast of Police Academy.

Lavalantula stars Steve Guttenberg. Steve had quite a few other hits in the 80’s, such as Short Circuit and both Cocoon and Three Men.. films. However, he will probably be best remembered as “Mahoney” in the first 4 Police Academy films. Somewhere around 1990, Steve’s career just kind of died out, leading to a string of duds and TV movies. I do not think that this will be the film that re-launches his career.

Guttenberg plays “Colton West”, a forgotten 80’s action hero now delegated to starring in lower budget films. Guttenberg is in pretty decent shape these days, but not enough to believe that he was ever anything close to being the next Stallone. Maybe Frank Stallone. As the film opens, West is unaware that he’s making a creature feature, thinking instead that he is in an action flick that bears a very close resemblance to Die Hard. The scene he is currently filming is stopped when a nitrogen smoke bomb detonates in his hand. Michael Winslow & Marion Ramsey make their first appearances as the heads of the FX crew, and Winslow get to show off his trademark vocal effects while explaining why the stunt went wrong.